Tyrepac spon­sored a set of tyres for the pur­poses of this blog post.


I love dri­ving, but car main­te­nance can be a pain. But that’s mostly because I’m quite the idiot when it comes to any­thing mechanical.

Cars I’ve dri­ven would’ve lasted a hel­luva lot longer if I’d taken the trou­ble to look after them.

But that’s all in the past, and now that I’ve a young fam­ily, I’d like to say that I’ve turned over a new leaf. It was a sober­ing moment when my brother asked me to pop the hood of my car, and I didn’t know how to, and pre­tended to tie my laces while I fum­bled for the car-hood-opener-thingie.

Leop­ards don’t change their spots (or preents), and well, when it’s time to get the car’s oil changed, brake pads replaced, tyres rotated, I still go “meh”, until some­one tells me it’s gonna cost me a lot more if I don’t do what I’m sup­posed to on time.

My mother-in-law has the same cav­a­lier atti­tude when it comes to car main­te­nance, and it wasn’t until it was quite obvi­ous that the tyres of her car resem­bled those on F1 cars that she asked me if it was about time to get new ones.

Trans­lated from Tai­wanese, that meant, “can you please get new tyres for me, dear son-in-law?”

Now, my expe­ri­ence with buy­ing car tyres is like an Ang Moh going to Sim Lim and expect­ing to get a bar­gain. I just hate not know­ing the prices on things, and see­ing the weird code on what’s sup­posed to be price tags just makes every­thing more infuriating.

So it was indeed for­tu­itous that I found out about Tyrepac’s online tyre shop, sav­ing me the trou­ble of dri­ving to a tyre shop and get­ting conned and earn­ing the ire of all concerned.

More impor­tantly, the Tyrepac site took the mys­tery out of buy­ing tyres com­pletely – all I had to do was select make, model and release year of MIL’s car, and all of Tyrepac’s offer­ings were avail­able for me to choose from.

Alter­na­tively, were I more knowl­edge­able about tyres, there is an option I would have used, titled “I already know which tyres I need for my vehi­cle” that allows you to select by tyre width, pro­file, radius and brand.

Now with the range of tyres to choose from, I was able to google for reviews to help me with my choice for MIL’s car. Tyrepac also has their own set of reviews sub­mit­ted by users.

Then there’s the thing that was the clincher – they actu­ally sent a mobile tyre work­shop over to fix up the tyres for the car. This ser­vice costs just $20 extra – and that’s pretty rea­son­able if you’re not the sort to nav­i­gate through con­fus­ingly named Indus­trial Parks and their many iden­ti­cal look­ing lanes.

They arrived, opened the truck pan­els and revealed their mobile tyre work­shop, which was a lit­tle noisy because of the gen­er­a­tor, but hey, whad­dya need a stealth tyre work­shop for?

Within the hour, all was done, and MIL’s old tyres were taken away to be recy­cled while I drove her car back into her dri­ve­way, delighted that the squeaky new Goodyears were mak­ing her car com­pletely safe again.

Well, almost. The mechanic that fixed up the tyres informed me that the brake pads were worn, and should be changed soon.

I’m going to be fix­ing up an appoint­ment with Tyrepac for that soon as they offer mobile servicing

As for tyre knowl­edge. I’m still quite “meh” about it, but infor­ma­tion is at hand on my book­marked page here.

(My expe­ri­ence with Tyrepac came ear­lier than expected when the MIL’s car bat­tery died a week before our sched­uled tyre change – they have an emer­gency bat­tery ser­vice that works out to be a hel­luva lot cheaper than if you were to call AAS (what an acronym) – so I’d rec­om­mend that if you do drive, keep Tyrepac’s num­ber handy. That’s 1800-TYREPAC (8973–722))

Tyres from S$73 for the Altis, Wish, Camry, Latio, & many more other mod­els! .
Whilst stocks last!

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