Month: September 2009

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"And that's what you lesbians are missing out on" RT @patlaw: Never seen anything that big before. # Testing twitterberry! # Buying stuff at a surprisingly busy Novena Square # Omg I think I'm gonna get a blister on my thumb # RT @ladyironchef: Oh My God! foie gras macaron # The new Tweetdeck rocks! # RT: @victortan I like tat ans! RT @preetamrai: #snwf person asks if am I a broadcaster. I reply I hv a YouTube channel. # Is on ubertwitter # Taking Taiwanese mother-in-law to Din Tai Fung. Bracing for backlash. # Mac Portable gets a 20th anniversary vivisection # We survived dinner with just one comment on how one dish is not Taiwanese. She blamed the Singapore palate for pressuring the restaurant. # Kai has his thumb to soothe him to bed. I have my Blackberry Bold. # RT @nanyate: IE6, please die already. You're like that village hag that has overstayed her welcome. # F1 drivers should be made to drive through the traffic chaos the event …

Water displacement formula, 40th attempt

Back when I was in full time NS, the cleaning of weapons was a mundane, time-consuming, daily chore. Between the 7 troopers in a combat section, we’d have around seven small arms (M16S1), couple of grenade launchers (M203), couple of light automatics (Ultimax100), two GPMGs, and a heavy machine gun (Browning .5 HMG). Carbon residue would get stuck in the crevices and barrels of the weapons, which is the real reason why we were really really reluctant to fire our weapons during training. Of course, this was marketed as ‘ammunition conservation discipline’. Every day when we were in camp, we’d be cleaning our weapons. When we were in the field, we’d clean our weapons. Nothing to do? Clean weapons. If there were to be a war, it’d have to have been put on hold because we were cleaning our weapons. One of the hardest, and somehow most satisfying part of cleaning a weapon was the barrel pull through. This entailed putting a folded piece of flannelette (variously mispronounced as flannel-lite, fannelite and fantalite) in the …

Boldly going

I’m blogging in bed using my brand new Blackberry Bold. It’s slow going cos I’m sleepy, so it’s a case of smartphone dumbuser. It also doesn’t help that the Blackberry Internet Service isn’t activated yet. Apparently it takes 2 to 3 working days on Starhub. It would’ve sucked a lot more if not for the pleasant surprise I got from the Starhub shop representative who whittled down the cash committment to just $88. Even without the internet service, (I’m on wifi) I’ve already blistered my thumb from using the trackball. Ok that’s it. Tweet