Month: August 2009

No such thing as too cute

Just when you think you’ve settled into a cycle, with baby’s feeding napping changing bathing all sewn up – baby’s growth throws another spanner in the works. We think Kai’s teething already. He’s been drooling so much and nomming his Sophie The Giraffe toy with so much gusto, it’s driving Mac The Dog nuts. But cute lah, our baby. And we love that there’s always something new round the corner to surprise us. One of the more pleasant developments is that Kai is starting to put himself to sleep in his cot, and when he has difficulty doing so, a gentle pat and rubbing of his hand does the trick too. No, this cuteness isn’t too much. We really can’t get enough of this. Tweet

Weekly Tweets

At Orchard Central. Is a bit of a maze inside with all the incomplete shops. # Is going to get some sleep now. # Traffic! # – Got a gripe? Sing it! #hossanleongshow # RT @HirokoTabuchi: RT @Stanford Is social media good for literacy? Angela Lunsford's research says yes: (via @wired) # These wasabi-laced macadamias are clearing the sinuses. # 1% of the population of Western Australia is Singaporean. # RT @GenkiGenki: RT @jchowjs: Krispy Kreme's on AirAsia starting sept 1. going at RM7 for 2 donuts. # Vale, Ted Kennedy # – What the fluck, you're asking for how much? # RT @weeteck: I HATE the evening taxi situation in the marina area! Y r cabs lurking in corners waitin 4 booking n not picking fares up? #fb # Deciphering Chinglish: # – Taka Baby Fair: Baby can smoke in stroller without fear of setting himself on fire. # – Taka Baby Fair: Just be aware of what China toys teach your kids. 'Farmers are peasants'. # …

The Hossan Leong Show

We worked through a sleepy Monday afternoon trying to find a rhyming word for Lau Sai, to be put into one of six original songs written (or in the process of being written) for the show. As the flyer says, The Hossan Leong Show is a tv show that’s not on tv, because there are just too many things you can’t say or do on air. Like the joke Hossan told me (just to break the tension – writing comedy is stressful business) about the Japanese tourist who goes on holiday in the States and goes to a money changer to convert his yen into dollars and is disturbed to find that he gets fewer dollars than he expects. “Why so little ne?”, he asks, to which the helpful money changer explains that it’s due to “fluctuations”. Shocked, he yells at the money changer, “Well, fluck you Amelicans too”. Tweet