Month: June 2009

Scary songs for children

We’re still learning how to put Kai to bed, or simply to calm him down. Talking and singing softly is one of the things we find works. We’ve been singing to Kai some of the songs we know from when we were kids. And yes, we already knew that ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’, ‘Baa Baa Black Sheep‘ and The Alphabet Song all have the same tune. But it’s the lyrics of some of the songs that can be scary. Take the Chinese version of Frere Jacques (Are You Sleeping Brother John) for instance. For one, it’s got nothing to do with a sleeping brother John, but two tigers with what insurance companies call total disabilities. It goes something like: Two tigers Two tigers Running fast Running fast One has no eye(s) One has no tail How odd How odd Don’t bluff lah, what odd? You ate the tail and eyes for medicinal reasons, you Chinese children’s song composer! That’s why the poor cats are running! Kai might sleep well after, but I’m more afraid of …

Weekly Tweets

RT @mitchtan: Air China should stop hiring Chinese who tries to speak with an American slang… Seriously, me no understand you! # RT @khaosworks: The jokes just write themselves, don't they? Strange Gel Remote Concept by Panasonic: # RT @HossanLeong: Where do I think is the best place to take the family on an outing? has the answer. get that and call me NOW … # From Plus one room for scale model maid # RT @yellowhandman: @miyagi You let your maid sleep? What kind of Singaporean are you? # An address more appropriate for a fireworks factory: # Baby Kai now has two baby citizenships! # RT @gssq: Wondering how Chinese Scrabble would work # RT @gssq: Two ways Chinese Scrabble could work: Radicals (; Pinyin ( # From Cyclops can now fight Godzirra! # There are more ppl answering queries than there are actual bank officers. So all's they do is tell you where to queue. #fail # RT @billang: @miyagi Ya man. I ask the …

Rolls Royce for the disabled

We were really lucky to find a parking lot at The Central nottobeconfusedwithcentralmallandcentralsquare the other night, right next to the disabled parking lot, where we saw a magnificent cabriolet in baby blue. Rolls Royce calls it the Phantom Drophead CoupĂ©, but for the Singapore market it’s called the Phantom Disabled Car Parking Lot Hogger. These must be the new labels for disabled drivers Tweet