Month: March 2009

Goodbye Ah Mah

My Ah Mah, my maternal grandmother, used to sew pyjamas and quilts for every single one of her twenty odd (or is it thirty odd) grandchildren. She’d buy yards and yards of fabric every year, and when we’d go visit her in Seremban, we’d come home with a new pair of jammies, knowing that every cousin would be kitted in identical jammies that year. It was 1981 and the last pair I got before I was too old for pyjamas was the most embarrassing pair of mickey and minnie pyjamas a boy could ever be caught wearing when visitors came to the house later than usual. Ah Mah spoke no English and very very few words of Mandarin. She could yell a lot in Hokkien, and in that household my mother grew up in, you needed a strong pair of lungs to go with the strong pair of hands that held the family of 15 siblings together. Mission schooling in pre and post-war Malaya meant that a generational gap widened into a cultural and linguistic …

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Parenting tips with your trim and wash?

It’s like this cult of parenting, this club of happy enthusiastic people who’ve been so nice and welcoming to Naomi and I ever since they’ve known Naomi was expecting. There have been random acts of kindness and completely unsolicited advice from complete strangers – “this baby nail scissors is really good, you should get it”; well-wishes, congratulations and light-hearted warnings about the lack of sleep that we’ll be experiencing in the coming months. Yesterday was even funnier. Not least because Naomi and I decided we needed to get our hair cut because we thought it would be months before we’d have time for another trim, and brought her mum along for the ride. So it was family day at Next Salon at Holland Village, where I’ve been getting my hair cut several times a year for the last 9 years now. You’d never imagine the establishment to be so, given its Wallpaperesque decor and 99.5FMesque music, but before the first strand of hair was shampooed or cut, the parenting tips came good and fast from …