Month: November 2008

Halfway there

One of the funnier moments in the last 20 weeks was comprised of me, sitting in the ob-gyn’s office, reacting to the ob-gyn’s indicating on the ultrasound that Naomi and I would very likely be having a baby boy instead of a girl which I had so confidently predicted previously “because I can just feel it”. I went, “oh”. The Ob-Gyn asked if I was disappointed while Naomi laughed as hard as she could, teasing me about being so sure previously. So, yes, we are expecting, and while it hasn’t been completely smooth sailing, we are both very excited and nervous – being first timers and all, and being close to being buried by the tons of information on the internet, in books (the Kino discount card is handy) and magazines. Conflicting dietary advice has also been coming in from many well-meaning family members and friends, and while we’re trying to let common sense be the final arbiter in difficult choices, it can still be worrying (e.g. oh no, I’ve eaten 2 mangoes in a …

We are sorry we lost your money

That’s the sentence that is mysteriously missing from reports and statements from Pasir Ris – Punggol Town Council and its MPs. Instead, we read that “half of S$4m investment not written off”, and that fixed deposits “will only give you minimal returns. At times, it doesn’t even cover inflation”. So losing $2m of residents’ money is completely justified. No apology required. PAP Town Councils – What A Fiasco Tweet

There may be smelly, don’t worry, it’s ok

We’ve been eating at home a lot lately, and when I say I cook up a storm, I’m mostly referring to the debris that has to be cleaned up in the kitchen afterward. Naomi and I have inherited quite a few appliances from our parents’ kitchens – toasters, juicers, steamers – some of which have never been used, and one of which I opened up to see if I could make stew with. The appliance is called the EuropAce Slow Cooker, and I’ve never seen the need for a slow cooker because I usually make stews on the stove top in a conventional pot, simmering for maybe five or six hours, and as far as I know, the Slow Cooker does the same thing, only electrically, with several different settings. Apparently, you don’t have to watch the slow cooker because it’s less likely to burn your food if you go out shopping and forget about your cooking and take in a movie instead. So I read the instructions in the 3 page manual, chuckled a …