Cross dressing bank robber
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It’s a crime wave! I mean, when was the last time we heard about an attempted bank rob­bery?
I don’t know why, but this para­graph was espe­cially funny to me:

Accord­ing to a CISCO guard who pinned down the sus­pect, he already knew that some­thing was wrong when the sus­pect entered the bank. He said the sus­pect was act­ing very sus­pi­ciously. Fur­ther­more, he was wear­ing ladies clothes.

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  • Dedrick

    Damn it! Where’s VR Man when you need him?

  • MillerLovah

    i gotta say, BEAT THAT!

    This kinda news is so not SINGAPOREAN, Talk about cre­at­ing a buzz. Thank­fully no one was hurt but i won­der, was Prison Break one of his inspiration?

    Cause he bet­ter have some blue­prints under that cross dress­ing atire to break him out,. Atop that, he bet­ter be the civil engi­neer that con­tructed the prison he’ll be stay­ing in for a long time!

  • johnrhawkins1971

    When New York mag­a­zine pro­claimed eat­ing goat a “trendlet” last sum­mer, one reader wrote on the magazine’s Web site, “Here are white peo­ple again!!!! Act­ing like they invented goat meat.

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