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A few days ago Tym left a comment clueing me in on, and like her and her friend Lucian, I think I have found the replacement for and every other online bus/train route planner our fine transport companies are struggling to put up. simply rocks! I’ve been using it for a few days to plan my (driving) routes, and the bus and train information it comes up with in a jiffy makes me want to take buses and trains for when I don’t really need to use the car.

Plus, after I blogged about Angus Steak House, I tacked the restaurant’s information on their map, and a couple of hours later, Jeremy Soh from emailed to thank me for contributing to what they must have planned to be a treasure trove of user-contributed information.

As for what the site can do to improve, I threw a spanner in the works and tried to plan a route from Orchard Road to KLCC in KL. It returned a tentative “Drive” instruction, with the option of “Try avoiding ERP”, while the spinning thing on the page has been spinning for the last 15 minutes, and I hope I haven’t broken anything.