Month: April 2008

Secret blog of a P65 MP: Part 6

Uploaded with plasq‘s Skitch! Dear Blog, Yes, it is time to move on to other things, put things in perspective and focus on the big picture. There have been so much negative news lately that I imagine Singaporeans would be quite disheartened if they were to continue talking about them. So kudos to my colleagues for taking the lead and posting their musings on other things that make us Singaporean. There are so many unique things about Singapore that we tend to forget and overlook, and we should be proud of our culture and heritage, and remember what makes us attractive to foreigners. Do not forget that other countries are also developing fast, and taking in more than their fair share of talented foreigners. We must not lose out. In order to do that, we must embrace the global economy and various global cultures, but within limits, of course. And foreigners who want to embrace our own economy and culture must also understand and accept these limits. It is time to repair our reputation, and …

NEA to reduce energy consumption in households

Here’s an idea for saving energy: turn off the ERP gantries When I read the headline, I thought, “oh no, they’re gonna use the ERP method of reducing consumption”, and then I read on and found out they’re using the lucky draw method instead. Much better than my parents’ day when they used coin-operated heaters in their flat in Australia when they were students. No more coins, no more heat, and then they walked ten miles to uni. Tweet

Wine Garage

Wine Garage Flickr Set We don’t drink, so we might never have gone to the Wine Garage for a meal if not for our friend telling us how awesome the food was. We like awesome food because they taste good. Chef Travis Masiero smokes his own bacon. No, really. Who in this day and age smokes their own bacon? Next thing they’re gonna tell us is that bacon comes from pigs. There were a few items on the Wine Garage’s menu that sounded too heavy to be ordered in a combo, in one sitting, but as our friend puts it, we’re ‘enablers’. Once one of us feels like eating something, the other says, ‘Good call, go fer it!’. And so, we ordered pork skewers with watermelon cubes, chips and blue cheese fondue, two burgers (the one with the home-smoked bacon), a pasta and a spinach salad, expecting to eat ourselves to death. But, and this was very surprising, it didn’t feel like it was a mistake at all. We were sated, and at the right …