Nipple-less pro wrestling

I can’t remember if it was in primary school or secondary school, when we were on the football/rugby field, and when sledging was de rigeuer but mostly harmless.

Things like “Your momma must be ugly cos you ugly too” were tossed back and forth. And it took a real sporting talent to come up with a killer taunt/sledge. (The all-time prize goes to Zimbabwean cricketer Eddo Brandes, who when the legendary Australian bowler Glenn McGrath inquired of him with full intent to insult, “Why are you so fat, you fat cunt?”, very quickly but calmly came back with, “Because every time I fuck your wife, she gives me a biscuit”.)

But on our humbler, less talented playing fields, the winner as far as I remember, was this response to a typical “Yo Momma” taunt that sent every player from either team rolling on the grass:

“You… you… you… Your Mother No Nipple!”

OK, I was only reminded of that because of this mildly interesting post about a Pro-Wrestling poster in Florida which has had the nipples of the wrestlers photoshopped out because of a misinterpretation of a law in that state which prohibits the display of (female) nipples.

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Earth Hour 2008

Earth Hour 2008

To be honest, I almost forgot about Earth Hour, and only turned off the lights at 8.05pm. Wouldn’t have been funny if I hadn’t remembered at all. Imagine: Oops, I forgot to save the planet. Dang. Gotta set reminders on my PDA next time.

I left the MacBook Pro on, else my consumer-level camera wouldn’t have been able to pick up anything in our living room. We live on the third floor, but our windows face a lot of biggish trees which obscure most of the light coming fromt the street or from other buildings.

Click here to view Earth Hour across the world on Flickr.

Man has sex with picnic table

 “I said ‘have you tried doing it outdoors on the picnic table’, I didn’t say “have you tried doing it outdoors WITH the picnic table”!

An Ohio man was charged with public indecency after his neighbour videotaped him having sex with his picnic table.

“The first video we had, he was completely nude. He would use the hole from the umbrella and have sex with the table…”


Exciting new positions: Look up your IKEA instructions now!





Once you’re done poking yourself or your friends on Facebook, you can try buggerising around with the following toys this weekend:

As blogged about by mrbrown, but it seems to be a bit slow given the attention it’s gotten in the last two days. And I haven’t uploaded anything because I can’t find anything I own the copyright to, to be able to. But when I do, it’ll be on

Photoshop Express (Beta)
Photoshop yourself from any computer with internet access. (Xiaxue, faster sign up!)

From my album at

Dejal Narrator

Let your stories come alive with different voices reading them out. Very good when you can’t get actors, or your friends to read your stuff for you. (Mac OSX Leopard)

This is just like Blogger / WordPress / Typepad, only simpler, and you can do simple things like set up a photoblog with full RSS syndication – just like Flickr, but again, simpler – see mine:

Team Hoyt

If you don’t have enough of a tear-jerker among your Korean drama downloads, or you are simply inured to so many otherwise moving things in life, then you have to be told the story of Team Hoyt.

Rick Hoyt was born severely disabled and his parents were told he would live in a permanently vegetative state. His parents thought otherwise, and believed their intelligent son was merely trapped in a body that his mind couldn’t control. They were right, and the miracle didn’t stop there.

When they managed to rig a computer up so that Rick could ‘speak’ to them by tapping out letters, they discovered he was a sports fan, and then some. After Rick got his father to run his first road race with him (Dick pushing his son in a wheelchair), he said, “Dad, when we were running, it felt like I was not disabled anymore.”

Team Hoyt has since competed in 85+ marathons, 200+ triathlons and Iron Man events. I’ll leave you to read the rest of their stories. They moved me, and they should you too.

Team Hoyt Official Page
Rick Reilly’s Article

Bookmarks from Holland Village

Haircut Day

If you’ve ever been to Holland Village lately, you’d probably have been approached by one or two flers trying to sell you something, and you might or might not have stopped to find out what they were hawking.

It was one of those days where I had a bit of time, because Naomi and I had our first haircuts for the longest time, and we were at the hair place for the longest time too. We went in some time before Chinese New Year, I think. But now we have updated hairstyles befitting the season (spring, I believe), and we were in a pretty good mood.


This fler sees that I have a brand spanking new haircut and a smug look on my face because I’m looking so trendy, comes up to me and says, “excuse me sir, I’m not trying to sell you anything”, to which I say “sorry, not interested”. But because I wasn’t about to go anywhere, seeing as I had free parking for the evening thanks to the valet arrangement the hair place had with the car valet service, I listened to him tell me something about selling bookmarks to help former convicts.

“$2 a bookmark”, says Nash, the fler, “to give people like me a second chance”. So I went and gave him some money in return for all the bookmarks he had with him so he could go home and stop bothering people having a good time in the Village. Then his friend Arshad comes along and says he’s got only one bookmark left, so I give him $2 to let him go home too.

I now have a dozen bookmarks I can use, which is very good because I really hate losing the page of all the magazines and books I read halfway and never finish because I lose the page and get fed up. So what if they’re really ugly bookmarks that look like they’ve been printed from websites like, or if Nash and Arshad are simply making a quick buck and are really up to no good because I can’t find anything to do with RBC Services (which is the name printed on the bookmarks) on the net or on the brand spanking new SPH search engine, Red Neneh, that has anything to do with bookmarks and ex-convicts.

Bookmarks are useful, and those flers needed to go home and count their takings for the day.