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Chi­nese New Year must be near if Boy falls while per­form­ing lion dance on poles”.

I laughed out loud, and kept laugh­ing until I stopped. OK, I know it’s bad to laugh at the mis­for­tune of oth­ers, but a head­line like that is funny in so many ways. Not least, because it’s from a Malaysian news site, because I think Malaysians are as, if not more silly, than we are.

OK, maybe it’s funny only to me. But the report on the lion danc­ing cham­pi­onships also quotes the chair­man of the organ­iser, the Chi­nese Mar­tial Art Asso­ci­a­tion, as say­ing, “In every com­pe­ti­tion, with­out fail, some­one will fall. It’s all part of the risks of the performance”.

Now you know. Pole danc­ing is an extreme sport.

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