Month: December 2007

A Bird Park of biblical promotions

I was walking Mac this afternoon on the pavement outside our apartment blocks, and at the bus stop I saw a poster for the Jurong Bird Park with a verse from Isaiah – “They will soar on wings like eagles”, and I thought it slightly disturbing that in a secular and multi-racial city state, there’d be a public establishment that would use a biblical verse, as opposed to any other of religious significance, to promote an event. If there’s nothing wrong with that, why not a Hari Raya Ramadan Bird Park campaign with “Koran 24:1 : …Whom does glorify all those who are in the heavens and the earth and the birds with wings outspread”? I got home and online and found that the verse was used for the Bird Park’s Birds of Christmas events. But instead of a turkey, there was an eagle on the poster. There was however, a holiday to Turkey the country to be won if one participated in some lucky draw. The only other turkey to be found at the …

Why golf is as good as tennis

It’s time to take the clubs out of the closet. Because golf’s Anna is as hot as tennis’ Maria. And I haven’t even seen her tee off, much less birdie a hole, but I’ll definitely (with the wife’s blessing) be keeping an eagle eye out for her, regardless of how many bogeys she makes or how long she’s stuck in a bunker. Besides, you get more exercise being a bad golfer than a good one. Oh stop it, Maria. You had your time in the sun. Technorati Tags: Anna Rawson, Maria Sharapova, golf, tennis, sport, hot chick Tweet

How much can a koala bear?

“Snapple Real Facts” are, as mentioned, found under the bottle cap or on the website. They are not on the drink’s labels, which can be a bit misleading. I haven’t heard of koalas eating or drinking kiwifruit, even if they were the best stuff on earth . Technorati Tags: Singapore, kiwi, koala, snapple Tweet