Month: November 2007

Completely useless Christmas gifts: felt pebbles

Reader Lesley threw these my way. They’re felt pebbles, going for as little as US$14 each. There are six different ones, and are “useful as simple decorative objects (a collection of them looks great in a bowl) or when used as a pincushion, etc.” So they’re not entirely useless, and are only slightly less useful than real pebbles because you can’t use them as paper weights. In fact, if you buy them, you’d be supporting local craftswomen in Johannesburg. And if you flung these at people, they won’t hurt a bit. Unless of course you were using them as pincushions. Or if you flung the bowl with them. Link Technorati Tags: felt pebbles, christmas Tweet

Completely useless Christmas gifts: Taser C2

OK, this is so not “completely useless”, I hear you say. Especially since the UN has defined the Taser as a weapon of torture. It is, however, dangerous, because it’s such a nice looking gadget (“available in four designer colors”), and one that is likely to be mistaken for a new fangled electric shaver. The basic C2 model starts from US$350, has a range of up to 15 feet, so your would be assailants can turn into once were would be assailants at the touch of a button. Light up your Christmas with one now! Via engadget Technorati Tags: dumb, taser Tweet

Terror on war: worst disguise award

Either no one told suspected Iraqi insurgent Haider al-Bahadli that Halloween was over, or he was gunning for the World’s Worst Disguise Award. He and his “groom” were picked up at a security checkpoint who suspected something was amiss with the “wedding convoy”, because the convoy carrying the “wedding party” were all men, bar al-Bahadli, who was dressed up as the bride, complete with veil and stubbly facial hair. I suppose they thought the Americans could be fooled. Link Technorati Tags: war on terror, Iraq, dumb Tweet