Month: October 2007

$1b plant made using living cells?

I bought the papers this morning and saw on the front page that some pharmaceutical company was going to build a $1b “plant in Tuas using living cells”, and I thought, oh wow, and opened the paper in a hurry to read about the amazing biotechnological-construction-breakthrough thingie that would finally allow us to thumb our Singaporean noses at sand and granite bans. So apparently the building’s not going to be made from or with the help of living cells. Dang. Would’ve been really something if it were. And it would’ve been almost as good as that headline in WW2: “British push bottles up German rear“. Technorati Tags: Singapore, English, Straits Times Tweet

The good oil on bad fats

I said, ‘get me a pic to do with “Trans Fat”, not “Fat Trans”‘ Photo by FredArmitage I now think that people who are easily confused (like myself) are less likely to eat healthily given the amount of information now available to us about saturated, unsaturated, monounsaturated, polyunsaturated, hydrogenated, partially hydrogenated fats and four-room HDB flats. Naomi and I try sporadically to eat healthily, and because we are such ingterneck-savvy people, we’ve taken to reading up about what we’re eating in the hope of knowing what to eat and what we shouldn’t. This is what we know so far: Don’t eat so much fatty food, but some fats are good; Diary products contain unsaturated fats, so we shouldn’t eat so much, but we need the calcium; Fish contain good fats, but also apparently contain mercury, which, if you don’t intend being a human thermometer, isn’t all that good for you. (Next time you think you’re running a temperature, stuff a mackerel in your mouth, and it’ll tell you if you need a panadol and a …

The middle sexes

So, there’s this debate that went on in Parliament where the outcome was never going to be surprising, even if it took even the Prime Minister’s take on the matter to settle the issue and put us all on the straight and narrow. Most unfortunately though, some of my closest friends will remain law-breakers and very concerned citizens. For those of you who’ve had a little debate of your own on this blog, there’s this really interesting documentary on HBO (the U.S. HBO, not the pissy Starhub Cable Vision version we get here) about homophobes’ reaction to gay porn. And I do mean ‘reaction’: Thanks David, for the link! Tweet