Month: August 2007


In space, no one can hear your brain freeze Does anyone know where Icee can be bought in Singapore? 7-11 used to sell them, and I thought I blogged about it, but Naomi reminded me I had merely talked about Slurpee, which is like a poorer cousin that Taufik sells. What happened? Has the Inconvenient Truth caused the demise of the sweatered polar bear? If so, this calls for a haiku to Icee. No, this calls for a William McGonagall-styled tribute: I used to enjoy your colourful range Green blue red and sometimes orange Then stick out my tongue for all to see You gave much more than bubble tea How that sold I’m not too sure With their bubble-caused choking fear On every warm day you gave us cheer And every brain freeze we hold so dear Where have you gone, Icee Polar Bear Has global warming made you rare? Technorati Tags: 7-Eleven, Icee, Slurpee, singapore Tweet

Singapore Flyers

I read in the Sunday Times that tickets for a ride on the yet to be completed Singapore Flyer… ok, let me rephrase that, because that sounds like you can ride on an incomplete Singapore Flyer, and your guide for the day might say something like, “Sorry sir, as you can see, the Singapore Flyer is yet to be complete, so today you will only go a semi-circle”. “If you come back tomorrow and go again, that makes a full circle”. So, I read in the Sunday Times that tickets for a ride on the Singapore Flyer, when it is complete, have been sold out for the first three months of its scheduled operations. Fully booked. Yes! What? How can? You’d think that being the lean and efficient city that we are, we’d have foreseen the problem and taken steps to deal with it. But not to worry. We now know that if we didn’t have the benefit of foresight to anticipate congestion, we always have the LTA method of putting up more and more …


Photo by Peeb1 That’s the sound the gantries make after they’ve automagically deducted your cash money from your cash card. B’ERP. And there’re more of them, these hungry gates of automagic cash money deductioningering, announced the LTA, makers of these gantries, today. This comes a day after the nation’s gantry makers announced that COEs (automagic payment of cash moneys by car buyer) for small cars have dropped to an all time low. So, there’s really no worry for prospective small car buyers. The money you are going to spend taking a tour of the country’s fine gantries can be recouped from the money you save buying your new small all-time low COE car. Current owners of small cars might think, “hey, nabeh, I paid so much COE, I should be exempt from the new charges”. But the gantries, they do not discriminate. And… wait a minute, I’m one of them current owners of small cars! “Hey, nabeh, I paid so much COE, I should be exempt from the new charges”. But you know, the Transport …