Month: July 2007

Birthday parade

Just when I thought it was a fantastic enough week with birthday gifts galore from Naomi, she went and organised a huge parade on the bay which concluded with a fireworks display over the water. There were marching contingents, helicopters, speedboats and parachutists, and we saw all this from the comfort of a nice dining room overlooking the bay and the financial district. I don’t think anyone’s had a better thirty-, um, somethingth birthday. If you, like us, were previously blasé about the NDP, this year’s extravaganza on the world’s first and largest floating stage will really de-blasé you. And this was just the rehearsal! The Ang Mohs in our midst (because we were in a hotel after all) were impressed, and said so themselves, even if they were a little taken aback by our Air Force’s F16s, which flew right at us, and then pulled up over our building. “That’s usually the last thing you see when these things fly at you”, said the Ang Moh, who later told another Ang Moh that he …

More time plumbing

If you’re not having a good day, or even if you’re having a good day, this file is double guaranteed to put a smile on your dial. Try not to listen to it while you’re driving or operating machinery that might take your fingers off if you didn’t pay attention. Then again, ‘there’s nothing that schticky tape cannot fix’. [display_podcast] Tweet

Men’s Health: Man2Man: I Quit!

Originally published in Men’s Health (July 2007) A few weeks ago I had a very bad dream. I was walking back home from Holland Village, just a stone’s throw from where I live. It was getting dark, and it was a bit drizzly, and between the knuckles of my index and middle fingers of my left hand was a half consumed cigarette. As I quickened my pace to get home before the deluge, I took deep puffs from the cigarette, exhaling from the side of my mouth. One of the drags was perhaps too deep. I coughed, and then I woke up. Ordinarily, I’d forget this sort of dream. But because I am a newly-minted, fresh-breathed ex-smoker, I woke up in a cold sweat, horrified at the vividness of the dream, even remembering the taste and the spluttering cough. In that sleepful way one stumbles around the room, I looked around for clues to what could possibly have triggered the dream/nightmare. Did I really light one up in my sleep? At what point during my …