The Sea-Monkey Diaries, Part Eight

Mating Sea-MonkeysWe’re still enamored with our little critters, and we’re very pleased to report that we think that one of the ten sea-monkeys may be pregnant because she or it is sporting what looks like an egg sac.

Furthermore, last night, one of the other sea-monkeys latched on to the apparently pregnant one and has been attached since. We read on sea-monkey sites that they’re mating.

No, we have no idea why the pregnant sea-monkey would still mate when there are others for the, um, male sea-monkey to choose from, though we can’t be sure if any of the others are female. Or if these two are really mating. Or if the one with the egg-sac-looking like sac is really pregnant.

Oh well.

Mating Sea-Monkeys

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