Month: May 2007

No detectable Vitamin C in Ribena

An NZ court has found GlaxoSmithKline guilty of misleading advertising because there’s actually no detectable vitamin C in Ribena. But in Singapore, the AVA has certified that local Ribena Berries aren’t just cannibals, they’ve also been ‘certified rich in vitamin C‘. Tweet

My favourite colour is very nice

This is an exercise in self-awareness. I still have the habit of not answering questions properly. No, let me clarify that. I still have the knack of not answering questions – by giving an incongruent answer. E.g. Q: What’s your favourite colour? A: My favourite colour is very nice. Q: Does it taste like tomato? A: It feels like tomato. Q: Are you hungry? A: I feel like chicken rice. Anyone whose ever borne the brunt of such answers, please, accept my sincere apologies on behalf of answerers of a similar ilk. My wife sympathises with you too, because I unanswer questions like this several times a day. Q: What time is it? A: Not hungry yet. I’m told some wars were started because of this. Technorati Tags: Mr Miyagi, singapore Tweet