There’s always time for a good nap

Cutest cat in the world
Jake ZZZ

Some nights I sit at my desk trying to type up something for an article, or looking for nonsense news online, I turn and see Jake lying on the chair behind me. He’s pretty content to sleep near me most days, and he’s been a real sweetie with everyone lately. And that has probably got nothing to do with the fact that he recently destroyed his fifth full toilet roll when I forgot to close the bathroom door.

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Beware the Dizziness Centre

I'd like to see the Dizziness Doctor, please
I’d like to see the Dizziness Doctor please

That’s for when your head’s still spinning from discovering that your friendly neighbourhood 7-Eleven, which is supposed to be open 24 hours – wasn’t one of their taglines ‘always close but never closed’? – isn’t open 24 hours:

WTF? It's a 7-11 for gawd's sakes
Taufik was really disappointed he could only sell Slurpees* 13 hours a day

*Interestingly, while looking up hyperlinks for this post, I found out that 7-Eleven Singapore “has four proprietary products – Big Gulp, Slurpee, Mr Softee soft serve ice cream and Quickbites”, which, if I take the meaning of that correctly, means that those things are owned by the Singapore franchise, and which explains why I couldn’t find Slurpees in other countries (unless I didn’t look hard enough, which is also possible, because I couldn’t have possibly been hankering for a Slurpee in another country’s 7-Eleven, could I? No, I don’t think so).

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Faring well

No it’s not pissing down, it’s a performance.

A couple of ‘landmarks’ bid good bye this week – the National Stadium, which I dare say has more sentimental value than the other ‘landmark’, the Musical Fountain on Sentosa, Singapore’s Last Resort Island.

Channelnewsasia reports that ‘it staged it’s final two performances to a sell-out crowd’. Which gives it a couple of firsts – it’s probably the first fountain that ‘performs’, and it’s probably the only fountain that people pay money to come watch perform.

Odd, but hey, it’s Singapore and weirder things have happened.

Channelnewsasia reported of the National Stadium that:

“The National Stadium – home to 18 National Day Parades, scores of national games and the Kallang Wave – will be demolished later this year to make way for the Sports Hub.”

The National Stadium

A Sports Hub(cap)

Vale, National Stadium! And, um, yeah, Musical Fountain. Um… you shall be missed?

How Ricky Martins, Bae Yong Joons and Jackie Chans are made

First they dig out the plant material from here:

How orchids are born

Then they put them in here:

How orchids are born

Then they put them here:

How orchids are born

Then they put them here:

How orchids are born

Then voila! Hey, presto, instant has-been stars:

How orchids are born

Don’t blame me, ‘cos that’s the only way to interpret the displays at the Botanic Gardens‘ orchid cultivation department thingie after you’ve had your first 2km+ run in a month (and therefore too sweaty to go into the public reference library to learn more about what was going on there).

But really, the SBG is really pleasant – about as pleasant as my other favourite botanic gardens, and really worth making time to visit.

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What weddings are about

Style Weddings Mar 07 - Real Weddings
Ours – Style Weddings March 2007

I’ve mentioned previously about the record number of weddings we’ve attended the past year, and how each of them was beautiful in their own way – which is like saying nothing, really, if you think about it.

But I know there’d be some among you who’d know what I mean when I say, there are these glimpses of moments at weddings (especially your own) – glimpses of when no words will do the moment justice, glimpses of when nothing else in this whole wide world matters.

And so, congratulations to Mika and Gary, on your wedding last Wednesday, and for inviting us to be involved in the preparations, where we saw more of these moments. And we know exactly what to tell you – like it’s ok if you don’t recall a single thing at your own wedding apart from each other’s faces, that’s what the videographer’s for.

And no matter how many times everyone tells you ‘everything will be ok on the day’, you’ll still feel like throwing up just before you get to the venue;

A million and one things can and do go wrong. Like what? Like the waiters not knowing when to stop using the ice-pick when the ceremony is under way; Like the music being piped in from downstairs is a bit hard to control; Like the boutonnieres swivelling on their pins because the centre of gravity is salah

But the things that mattered, mattered. You held your wedding at where you had your first date; You got married; You love each other tremendously.

Nothing else matters in this whole wide world.

Congratulations again.

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Quake III

Local News
Help me! I’m ‘experiencing’ vomiting! And it’s not mine!

We really don’t know how lucky we are sometimes. An earthquake happens in Sumatra and all we ‘experience’ is:

“headaches, and dizziness, vomiting”

And this makes the news on CNA because the next closest thing to a natural disaster that we’re ‘experiencing’ is this:

“SINGAPORE: Up to 20 cars parked between block 145 and 148, Bishan St 11, are believed to have been damaged by ice cubes hurled from an HDB flat.

Residents say the incidents usually occur on Saturdays in the early hours of the morning, resulting in car parks often left empty to avoid car windscreens being shattered.

Residents have had to endure falling ice cubes for the past five years.

Police are still investigating the case.”

Local News
The forecast for today is stupidity in several parts of the island

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