Month: February 2007

Wealth for toil

It now looks like we left Sydney at the right time, because she’s got flash floods and thunderstorms resembling Singapore and Malaysia in December. But really, though, there isn’t ever a good time to leave Sydney. I spent nine good years from 1992 – 2000, and ten days there last month. One difference between the recent stay and the previous one is that everything there’s really really expensive now. There was a time when the S$ was a little bit stronger than the $A, making many Singaporeans say things like, ‘Wah, drink coffee here damn cheap hor? The cappucino and latte only $1.80 leh, when you convert back’. But what the heck, Sydney welcomes everyone who’s ever seen the Pacific’s waves lap at her shores in a way that makes you keep longing to come back, whether or not you gain or lose when you convert back. It was even more special for me (that I had to show Sydney off to Naomi), as I visited the locality I lived in, bumped into my old …


Approved Mindef Photograph I wouldn’t recommend doing this: Arriving back from a holiday at 4am and having to book-in to reservist training at 7.30am. Which is exactly what I did. I also got my hair cut by a not-so-skilled barber in camp. I’d say a lot, lot more if not for the fact that I’m very, very tired and need to get some sleep before tomorrow’s training. Also, because these days you can’t take pictures of what you do in-camp and then post them online, I don’t have any funny pictures of this year’s training to show you. Nonetheless, there are funny things to talk about, which I will later, in much the same way I’ll talk about what I did for my holidays. All I can say now is that I’m not really suffering in-camp. You can’t, really, when you hear heartening things like this from one of the instructors: “Gentlemen, just note that the target is not really shooting back at you, so don’t be worry” Technorati Tags: army, MINDEF, nationalservice, Singapore Tweet