Month: July 2006

Clear as day

Los Angeles is awesome. And by that, I mean the more time you spend here, the less you think you’re overwhelmed by the size of everything here, and you just go, ‘Los Angeles, you are awesome’. It becomes clear as day one moment, when you least expect it, when you’re stuck in traffic, frazzled by six lanes in either direction, gummed up at an exit and wondering which way to turn at a junction. L.A. is bigger than you think, greater as a city than you can imagine (especially if you’re from Singapore), smarter than you are, and more interesting than you have time to explore. And what about that off-leash dog-walking track in the Hollywood hills where you just begin to get an idea of how sprawling the city is (and how unfit you are as you’re being walked by your friend’s dogs)? Sure, there’s Hollywood Blvd and the Sunset strip, and the amusements at Universal Studios, but when you’ve had the chance to acquaint yourself with this city long enough, you might have …

So far away

I am too far away from home. I really, really am. I’m really really homesick, and I really really miss my fiancée. I miss my cat too, especially when I hear him meow over the phone. I’m seldom ever homesick (except maybe during reservist in-camps), so being this way must mean I’m not meant to be away this long, or even away at all. Sure there are lots of things to see, many things to do, and many miles to drive. But bugger it all, man, when you’re getting married within a month, and all’s you can think of is what you’re gonna do when you get back. Los Angeles, I will remember you for how much you make me think of home. Tweet