PR Academy Annual Conference

Thank you PR Academy for having us speak at its 5th Annual Conference. This year’s topic was New Media and something something. I can’t really remember because I was very sick. Nonetheless, apart from a little stage fright when I realised the large audience, we had fun with our little show and tell – which also gave us the chance to air the tur kua episode one more time.

Sorry, Minister Lee Boon Yang, but I did not intentionally put the YouTube button on your nose. Honest.

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Meme time

It’s meme time because Rambling Librarian’s tagged me. It’s called the ‘Best Blog Forward‘ meme, and apparently there’s a prize to be won or something. Not sure. Never read properly. But got prize.

So, here’s my contribution: The most popular (most read) blog post on this blog is a TODAY article titled ‘Living in glass houses‘, and is the most popular because it talks about the Tammy NYP Sex Videophone Video, and you know what? Having used those words, this blog post is going to be quite popular with the search engines as well.

And so, I tag the following bloggers (the latest five incoming technorati links), so that they have a chance at winning some prize:

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Today, while trying to shop for lights, I discovered a new material. It is called ‘Bronj’.

The salesperson recommended the ‘Bronj’ material for the standing lamp, when we said we didn’t like the one we were looking at, which, she told us, was made of ‘Stanless Stew’.

She was really polite and helpful, this salesperson, and we were fortunate to have her attend to us, else we would never have known that the Bronj lamp was made in Belgium, same as the Stanless Stew ones.

Some stuff from the Bronj Age

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Where da weekend go?

It’s a pain having a bad flu and having to move house.

You can call me Professor of Grumpology now, because I am still the big time grump. So grumpy I’ve griped at things I’d normally let slide – such as Spizza’s lackadaisical chefs (the ones at Serangoon Gardens – I don’t know about the other branches), to whom I have this to say:

Parma ham is to be shaved thinly, not cut into meaty chunks that give it the look and texture of beef jerky.

Here, come, I show you:

Theeck Theeck Parma Ham Pizza
Spizza’s Sparma Ham – thick and chewy

Normal Parma Ham – delicate and tasty

Thinly sliced, Parma ham’s great with rocket or rockmelon. But if you do it the Spizza Serangoon Garden way, (haha Serangoon Garden Way), it becomes what my grandma calls in Hokkien, ‘Kiam Tok Tok’, or ‘Salty like fuck’.

Of course, being pre-occupied with moving meant I only had a little time to gripe about such things, as well as news of the devastating Java earthquake, and news on Saturday (better late than never), that poverty in Singapore has been around since before the elections.

Being busy also meant I didn’t have time to congratulate my cousin, who worked for the successful Las Vegas Sands bid. I’m just wondering if any of my nosso good uncles might call him up like the time they did when they found out he worked for an international Ingteegraded Resock – and ask if he has any lobangs for da brudders to work in security.

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TODAY: Voyeur TV ‘live’ on a computer near you

TODAYDIY reality videos made with free online tools the rage among netizens

HOSTING video files on the Internet is not a new concept, and you can find a variety of services — both free and paid — to store and share your video clips. Two of the most popular are YouTube ( and Google Video (

Read more at TODAYonline: [pdf][text]

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the mrbrown show 23 May 2006: where are they idoling now?

where are they idoling now

The Singapore Fei Chang Super Campus Idol Star plus Band show is back again! Our hosts Daniel Gong and Gurpreet Singh talk to ex-idols to find out where they are now.

Special thanks goes out to our office idols — kunnka, torei and zid!

Podcast: the mrbrown show 23 May 2006: where are they idoling now (MP3, Filesize: 2.9mb, Time: 00:06:44)


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Singapore Idle & Da Vinci Code

I'm not a diva, I'm just short
Jiakturkwa Abishgenaden is not a diva

You have a reason to watch television, and that’s Singapore Idle. Watch as the eventual winner of the 2006 edition gets a contract as a poster boy for a convenience store, together with a sponsored single titled ‘My Love Is An Endless Big Gulp (If You’ll Swallow)’.

You have a reason to watch the Da Vinci Code movie, because of the hue and cry raised by Christians who believe that the film sullies their faith, or something.

Hasta la vista, baby Jesus

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Fountain of annoyance

Turn up the volume. Noisy right?

The sounds of water fountains are supposed to engender feelings of calm and serenity. Not the one in the basement of Raffles City, though.

While eating at a fountainside restaurant there, I realised that the damned fountain there was causing the most annoying racket – much like when your neighbour’s getting their house renovated. A bit difficult to eat.

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Camp Comedy


I went and watched Fly Entertainment’s Camp Comedy twice, and it was well worth it (not because of the complimentary tickets).

Kumar was a hoot, and easily one of the best stand-up drag acts I’ve ever watched, and not just in Singapore. If you want world class, that’s world class for you.

One of the other imported acts, Lounge-Zilla, was also worth the price of admission valet parking fee alone. If you are thinking of going to watch the show, which is at Zouk, be mindful that it’s not family entertainment, and while I’ve been told the acts were toned down for Singaporean sensibilities, they’re still on the risque side a little bit.

The acts tonight are Kumar and Lounge-Zilla, while Sunday night’s finale will feature Australian Rick Lau and Singapore’s Broadway Beng.

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