Month: May 2006

PR Academy Annual Conference

Thank you PR Academy for having us speak at its 5th Annual Conference. This year’s topic was New Media and something something. I can’t really remember because I was very sick. Nonetheless, apart from a little stage fright when I realised the large audience, we had fun with our little show and tell – which also gave us the chance to air the tur kua episode one more time. Sorry, Minister Lee Boon Yang, but I did not intentionally put the YouTube button on your nose. Honest. Technorati Tags: Singapore, Tur Kua, youtube Tweet

Meme time

It’s meme time because Rambling Librarian’s tagged me. It’s called the ‘Best Blog Forward‘ meme, and apparently there’s a prize to be won or something. Not sure. Never read properly. But got prize. So, here’s my contribution: The most popular (most read) blog post on this blog is a TODAY article titled ‘Living in glass houses‘, and is the most popular because it talks about the Tammy NYP Sex Videophone Video, and you know what? Having used those words, this blog post is going to be quite popular with the search engines as well. And so, I tag the following bloggers (the latest five incoming technorati links), so that they have a chance at winning some prize: Technorati Tags: bestblogforward, singapore Tweet


Today, while trying to shop for lights, I discovered a new material. It is called ‘Bronj’. The salesperson recommended the ‘Bronj’ material for the standing lamp, when we said we didn’t like the one we were looking at, which, she told us, was made of ‘Stanless Stew’. She was really polite and helpful, this salesperson, and we were fortunate to have her attend to us, else we would never have known that the Bronj lamp was made in Belgium, same as the Stanless Stew ones. Some stuff from the Bronj Age Technorati Tags: Great Singapore Sale, GSS, shopping, singapore, singlish Tweet