Spam scam alert

chowcheebyespamPlease do not open any email titled ‘Check it out’ from me or your any of your acquaintances. It’s a spam scam, and this is how it works:

The body contains the text: “Sign up so we can play”.

And any stupid idiots that receive that email (and I am your king) will click on that link, enter their email account details for one or more of the following services – Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail and AOL. And yes, your majesty here entered his password for his Gmail account, and hey, presto, every single contact on his Gmail account got spammed the same spam, and if you were none the wiser, you’d have opened it, thinking that bloody Miyagi always sends nonsense so I better open it or else he’ll be mad.

So, I tell you now, don’t open ah!