Question 24

I’ve been told I don’t answer questions. Not by keeping silent, but by saying something totally unrelated (and infuriating).

Exempli Gratia:

Q: What is your favourite colour?

A: OK.

temasekholdings.pngI’ve just realised my overwhelming tendency to do this qualifies me for a job at one of our nation’s finest corporations. You know? The one that had (yes, past tense probably correct) an employee who attached the wrong file to an outgoing email to the press?

The document at issue (via contains questions which were meant to train executives how to handle the press when questioned as regards the purchase of Standard Chartered stock. I give you question 24 and the answer given:

Q: How is Temasek funding this investment?

A: We have the necessary funding for this investment.

I am sending in my CV tomorrow.

If you’re also of the same ilk, and would like to see if you qualify, all you need to do is answer questions like this commenter did on one of mrbrown’s blog entries: Link.

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