The very bearable lightness of Beng

Broadway Beng: Tattoo timeYou must, you must, you must watch Broadway Beng. Spare $35 – $50 and an hour and a half of either Monday or Tuesday night, and let Sebastian Tan make you laugh till your sides hurt.

It is odd, this ‘concept’ – as Sebastian calls the idea that turned into this show – of what we know as ‘Bengism‘ and theatre: marrying Broadway showtunes with Hokkien torch songs. But whaddafuck, it is works!

But I think Broadway Beng ‘is works’ because of Sebastian’s impeccable comic timing, his mastery of the Hokkien tongue and the dulcet tones of his made-for-Broadway singing voice.

The show ends its run on Tuesday.

iTunes is playing an illegal copy of Chovendo Na Roseira from the album “Verve Jazz Masters 13” by Antonio Carlos Jobim of which I have the original CD.

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You spam me, I ridicule you

I know it’s hard trying to market your services, and sometimes you’ll stop at nothing to propagate information about your own company.

But if you send me unsolicited email, speow my company name wrongly and show that your grammar’s nosso good…

I laugh at you lor. Loud loud.


Nabeh. I am helping you, right?

Picture 1.png

Picture 2.png

Picture 3.png
OK, mebbe Engrish nosso good, is why you becoming accountant, no?

iTunes is playing an illegal copy of Wrong by Irma Thomas of which I have the original CD.

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And how things change

Lowering the earsI’ve just managed to migrate (or ’cause to migrate’) all my old posts from the blogspot site to here. As expected, I made a big mess, and there are uncategorized duplicate posts ollovuh the place.

It’s easy to tear your hair out over these little things, and in my case, even easier. But you know, you have to tell yourself something like, hey, this is blogging. It’s meant to be chaotic and disorganised. If it weren’t, it’d be like, you know, one of those commercial websites which charge people money to read what’s already in the news, you know?

I remember when once we felt like tearing our hair out, we’d blog about it, then feel better after we had done so, and even better when someone would read it, and say how nicely you had written about wanting to tear your hair out. Sometimes, they’d even ask after you.

Speaking of tearing one’s hair out, I decided to go let a hairstylist do that instead of grappling with the task myself. Hairstylists do it more stylistly, you know?

So off I went to Holland Village, to the stylists‘. No, actually, I was already nearing Holland Village when I decided it’d be a good time to undo the mushroom hair-helmet that refuses to budge no matter how much hair-stylisting products I put on every morning.

Cheryl the Stylister said, ‘wow, time flies’ – at first because it’d been almost six months since I last went and got my hair decently done in a stylistly messy way – then later because she recalled that I’d been one of her first customers when she first started out hair-stylisting nearly six years ago.

I replied, ‘Yeah, last time your hairdryer all manual one, now is automatic’.

Cheryl could only go, ‘huh?’

So I told her about when Holland Road used to be only a two-lane road, and how at Holland Village, there used to be a Hokkien Mee/Kopi Stall near where KFC used to be, and where Crystal Jade La Mian Xiao Long Bao Chow Chee Bye Expensive Restaurant is now.

And then she asked me how I was planning my future, and how the career was panning out after doing the same thing for nearly six years.

So I told her about how I haven’t really been doing the same thing for nearly six years, and that I’ve only been telling her the same thing for nearly six years.

Cheryl could only go, ‘huh’.

So I told her that I was thankful that she’d been stylisting my hair all this time – apart from the times I went to the barber for an easy reservist haircut – because some things should never change.

iTunes is playing an illegal copy of Ooh Baby from the album “After Hours 1” by Deon Jackson of which I have the original CD.

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