What’s in it for me?

$400! Yay!

After today’s Budget Spitch, you might want to either wail about not getting any goodies, or you might want to hail having some cash perk you think you’ve always deserved.

Well, you really can. The Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports has this unit called The Feedback Unit, which does all these feedbacky things. And they want your feedback. This Unit also especially wants overseas Singaporeans to feed them back regarding today’s Budget Spitch, and to that end, there’s been some chat session thing set up for Monday (Asia/Europe | Americas).

So, get to it. Whaddya waiding for? Go talk to your FB unit!

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Anything/Everything/Nothing Prohibited

Depending on how you look at it – think of the half-full/half-empty perspective, this signboard I saw in a toilet at Dover Road was too good to pass up. Out came the phone cam (while I stood at the urinal – a little bit of maneuvering required) and so now I give you this photo:

Singapore National Flag
Singapore National Flag

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Doubt not the power of the blog

On a personal level lah.

I received this comment early this morning:

Darling Ben! Thank for about the only entry on the entire internet about me…you were a star all those many years ago! What a chance this was to stumble across your blog. Thank you for all the nice things you said in your entry about me… and thank you for leaving out all the other bits!!!Don’t worry… my internet presence is about to start bit time… look out…WELCOME TO LOLLYWOOD!!
keep in touch luv…..

I hadn’t been in touch with the commenter since even before I left Australia in 2000. Now he’s left a comment, and I’ve written him back, and he’s written me back, and I’m feewling all warm and fuzzy, cos it’s just past Valentine’s Day and all, and though I hating typing the word ‘sigh’ to sigh, and I hate using ellipses, …sigh.

[Read the comment, and then the original post]

Harbour Cruise, Sydney 1998
Days were the those: Sydney 1998

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TODAY: Idol bloggers

chip1502.jpgThey may not be able to sing, but you can bet they’ll write about it …

LAST week I touched on how I thought bloggers and podcasters would participate in the General Elections (GE) by talking about the rallies and speeches.
This week, as if to give even more of an indication of things to come, there was an event which was covered in some detail by several bloggers. I’m talking about this year’s Singapore Idol auditions.

Read more at TODAYonline: [pdf][text]

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