How long more do we grieve? I don’t believe any of the edi­tors at have even con­tem­plated this. I was shocked this after­noon when I saw some of the com­ments fol­low­ing the post invit­ing peo­ple to con­tribute to our fund to be used for keep­ing, Sondra’s blog, going.

Son­dra was an edi­tor at and a friend. Granted, I may not have known her all that well, but I per­son­ally was for keep­ing her blog’s archives. No, let me cor­rect myself — I did know Son­dra. I worked with her. I just wish I knew her bet­ter. Now, I could have just down­loaded every­thing off there and kept it myself — and remarks from a com­menter who claims to be a per­sonal friend of Son­dra have rat­tled me a little.

I am sorry if I or any­one of us has caused offence.

I can’t speak for the rest, but maybe, doing what we did for Son­dra was the only way we knew how.

As I men­tioned before, mrbrown has been speak­ing with her sis­ter, and we’ve asked her per­mis­sion to keep Sondra’s blog. I don’t think we were absolutely sure we knew what was the right thing to do either.

I do not pre­sume to speak for every­one else, even for the other edi­tors on In fact, dis­sen­sion has always been a part of the way the team worked. And while we do not pre­sume to know what Sondra’s inten­tions would have been regard­ing her blog and its atten­dant pub­lic nature, we know she’d have been a part of this rigourous dis­cus­sion if she were alive.

Given the furore we’ve unin­ten­tion­ally started, the thing I’m really miss­ing now is an email from Son­dra to the rest of the edi­to­r­ial team, stretch­ing her two-cents’ worth of opin­ion on the matter.

I’m very sorry, Son­dra, I’m vot­ing to share your mem­o­ries. And your friend who keeps com­ment­ing there? He, or she, sucks!

We miss you.

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