TODAY: Open Season – Wives to cabs

Before I customarily paste today’s TODAY article, here’s a post I found about my writing for TODAY:

think mr miyagi has a damn simple job. he’s this guy who writes bout what other ppl wrote in their blogs. add a few comments…. and TADA! finish one article. hey. i do the job for you cans! i’m in need of cash alrights. just need to go GOOGLE.COM and search for stuffs like… “bad-mouthing of ministers” or “singapore blogs” or “president election” and WAH-LA! all he does is “copy and paste” what they say.. literally copy and paste. haha. oh wells. he looks comical though. the cartoon version of him right smack in the middle of the page. ah. oh wells. if i fail my A lvl (CHOY!) think i’ll scout for his job and break his ricebowl. =D * beams *

Tolong! Please don’t fail your ‘A’ levels. I need this ricebowl. (Won’t one lah, you RGS – Hwa Chong type! You just mightn’t do all that well for G.P. if you wrote like that, though.)

Today’s “copy and paste” TODAY: Open Season – Wives to cabs

Bloggers are a diverse bunch of people and they’ll pontificate on any topic under the sun, as some highlights from past week’s postings show…


… you swallowed a bitter pill (or “if you feel bitter about your ex-spouse getting all your money”):

Today reader Derrick Tan followed a recent “Voices” debate about wifely duties, marriage and divorce laws in Singapore, and decided he had something to add to the argument.

His blog, titled “Men’s answer to feminism”, (, has only one entry. But some of the comments left there are as long as the post itself.

Commenter victeoh, who by the length of his comment, should really have his own blog, argues for a Family Charter to supersede what he thinks is an outmoded Women’s Charter because of its incongruence with the usual emphasis on a “3-generation family”.

He writes: “Because of my ex-wife’s objection, my parents did not get their access rights (to their grandchildren) legally … In Singapore, a 3-generation family is encouraged but strangely under the Women’s Charter, marriage is like a contract between 2 persons only and grandparents are not a party to it, and therefore, the Court cannot rule on grandparent’s access.”

victeoh also argues that the Women’s Charter is unfair to men, especially in the area of maintenance entitlements for ex-spouses.

“Wives get a maintenance even if she has high qualifications (such as my ex-wife who has a Master’s degree) and high income (such as my ex-wife who qualified easily for a platinum card) … This is the case even if the breakdown in marriage is due to, say, adultery by the wife! Such discrimination must be reviewed.”
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