Month: June 2005

TODAY: Bloggers without borders

Excerpt: The winner of the Malaysian bloggers’ Blog of the Year Award ( arrived here on Saturday, informing only a few trusted Singaporean counterparts of his visit. But it is quite silly to trust a blogger, Singaporean or otherwise, as Kenny found out. Read more here. (PDF version here) Technorati Tags:, TODAY Tweet

Army love me long time

It says here that I have to fast for six hours before 8am tomorrow, when I report to camp (again). The Army loves me. I can’t really say it’s an unrequited love, though. I’d fast for love, wouldn’t you? It also says my employer is obligated by law to let me go back to camp. Gotta tell the boss. Boss say good, make him wake up earlier than usual for once. Damn far, can? It’s Just Work For Me from the album “Chavez Ravine” by Ry Cooder Surf stop: aGentX Rambles Technorati Tags: army, mr miyagi, reservist, singapore Tweet