Month: April 2005

Mr Miyagi’s definitive opinion about being sued over something written on a blog

You want (see comments in that post) Mr Miyagi to say something as regards the laws of defamation? Can! Mr Miyagi says being ‘threatened with legal action’ is not a laudable achievement. Does not matter if it is in connection with something you blogged. Saying ‘I am the first Singapore blogger to be threatened with legal action over something I said about someone’ is like saying, ‘Hey, sliced bread! Cool!’. Do not insinuate that by my silence over this matter I am afraid to talk about matters of any importance. My silence over this matter is because it bores the shit outta me, and the only important lesson in this whole debacle can be found in any law textbook to do with defamation. And this is not a law textbook to do with defamation. I do however respect the right of every individual to talk about the matter till the cows come home and place themselves in parks and every available open space in Singapore. But if you’re daring me and egging me to say …

If I had that kind of money, I’d be a full-time perv too

And now, back to our regular programming at Mr Miyagi’s Cheekopek Glob. My big fat grapevine told me a while ago that Thumper (the club where the car park plays host to couples fornicating in Porsches, y’know, that one?) was going into the modelling agency business. I din believe! But now, they’re distributing Comm. Cards (the postcard thingies where the models feature themselves on magazine covers and fashion spreads – collectors’ items, these.) to people who would hire these models for photoshoots and stuff. Gotta hand it to the folks at Goodwood Park. They’re really into everything. Then again, if my family had that type of dosh, I would too. Modelling Agency leh! Wonder what the D stands for? Surf stop: For want of a better title iTunes’ party shuffle is playing a copy of: Piano Concerto in a Minor, Op. 16 – The Starlite Orchestra – In the Mood for Romance, of which I have the original CD and therefore didn’t steal music. Tweet

Belated Anzac Day post

It wasn’t Anzac Day ten years ago when I was waiting for my train on the southbound platform at Wollstonecraft station on Sydney’s North Shore. But I’ll remember Anzac Day to you now because there was a kindly looking old man in a Digger’s hat selling paper poppies from a box that day. It was a pretty November morning, and the jacarandas were littering the platform, as is usual that time of the year. Maybe it was the sight of the purple flowers that prompted me to go buy a red paper one from the old Digger. When I did, he asked me where I was from. And when I said ‘Singapore’, he said to me in Hokkien, ‘Li Ho Boh?’ (How are you?), and ‘Selamat Pagi’, in Malay. ‘I was at Changi and at Selarang’, he explained, responding to the big, silent question mark on my face. Pity my train came uncharacteristically on time, or else I would’ve loved to have talked at length about his time in Singapore. That Digger’s story is part …