Month: June 2004

The Great Singapore Blackout

Firstly, WTF???! I wanted to sleep, and was on the verge thereof. Closed my eyes even. A split-second later, complete silence. No air-con, no PC fan hum. I cursed the electrician and his newly installed power switchboard, then looked out the window and realised, ok, the whole neigbourhood’s a little dark. Nair mind, Teo Chee Hean’s my neighbour. Power sure come back one. Defence Minister leh. Several SMS exchanges later, it dawns on me that this is something big. My farder the conspiracy theorist said, ‘I think sabotage you know?!’; My mum, sis and bro-in-law, who between them have twenty seven torchlights, turn them all on. My nephew screams for the whole family to muster round his bed. My brother reports via sms that all is still well in Chinatown, and that the official explanation of a gas disruption to the power station is complete BS. The power’s just come back on, and after two hours of being lost in the unpowered wilderness, I quickly turn on my computer, hoping to log on. I can’t. …

Insomniacs Anonymous. Open 24hrs

iTunes is playing: Beyond the Sea – Bobby Darin – A Life Less Ordinary It’s been a very, very long work day, and I am very, very exhausted. I will sleep soon. But I will wake up after two hours. Such is my plight. (Alamak, punctuated like George W. Bush’s speech pattern). It’s not that I am defeatist about my affliction. It is chronic, and there’s little I can do about it. I have only the respite that my habitual Sunday afternoon nap affords me, and I really look forward to that. Tweet


iTunes is playing: It’s Only Love – The Beatles – Anthology 2 – Disc 1 I’ve changed my mind about Windstruck. It is still a dumb movie, but it warrants a little more talking about. If you’ve spare time and are really not impressed with other box office offerings (or have a huge crush on Jeon Ji-Hyun), then this is the movie for you. The opening half hour draws you in. The slapstick has heart. You giggle along. You think it’s a romantic-comedy-melodrama and you’re strung along, liking the characters along the way. Then the knives are out. Director Kwak Jae-Yong is ruthless in sticking it up every genre Korean audiences (and lovers of K-everything) treat as staple: Romantic melodrama (Titanic); Romantic comedy with supernatural element, k-style (My Sassy Girl, incidentally, Kwak’s own film); Gangster flicks (Friend); Teen gangster flicks (Volcano High). The references are deliberately painful too. Kwak seems to enjoy killing you softly with k-melodrama, over and over and over and over again in the last half hour of the film till you …