Month: July 2003

Bastard driver nearly kill me

Bastard driver nearly kill me Earlier this evening, I went out to the village to buy cigarettes and drinks. As I walked back along the pavement to the car park, a black Honda driven by a provisional license holder carrying a bunch of idiots shot up the street from behind me at speed, momentarily lost traction and mounted the pavement, hurtling along it with two wheels remaining on the road, and brushed past my right so close to me, I swear it touched the hairs on my leg. It then screeched to a halt about twenty metres ahead of me and the occupants did a quick check – of how badly their car was damaged, while I stood rooted to the pavement! Tweet

Uncle Eddie, Rocketman

Uncle Eddie Lim Seng Huat passed away this afternoon at a nursing home in Seremban. I don’t know exactly how old he was, I think around 55. He was moved there from my grandmother’s house last week, and according to my cousin, was quite unhappy about it. According to another aunt, he had refused food for the past few days. He couldn’t vent his frustrations by doing anything else except refusing to eat, because he’s been paralyzed since suffering a stroke last year. Uncle Ah Huat was the most cruelly ridiculed person in my mother’s family because of his intellectual impairment. In my mother’s family of 14 siblings, there were people with adequate compassion, but that could hardly have negated the horrible treatment he received from the others who didn’t. He used to roam the streets of Seremban. And I remember from the time I was four years old, on frequent visits to Seremban, that I would be half terrified of him because he would grab my hand and walk really quickly down the streets, …


My Army buddy Tat Kai (the one who slapped his own balls trying to kill a mosquito) called today to say the on again off again reunion of mates could be on again if he could get hold of Foong and Ho Yeo. Foong had to have dinner at his in-laws and Ho Yeo wasn’t answering his phone till about 7pm, but Tat Kai managed to arrange for all of us to meet at Ho Yeo’s office at 8pm. Foong, Ho Yeo, Tat Kai and I were bunkmates and crewmates at 46th. Ho Yeo was the big bully that initiated everyone transferred into the platoon by beating them up. Foong was the most unlikely looking combat trooper. Looked like a 9 year old when he was 19, but won all the awards there were to win in the Army. Tat Kai, well, he slapped his own balls trying to kill a mosquito. I got to Marina South at about 8.15pm, and couldn’t figure out where exactly we were to meet, as I had never been …